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- cover the latest news and digests related to such burning and vital topic as longevity; up-to-date and actual information on liver longevity;

- see interviews with leading scientists and prominent experts, who are working in the field of increasing life expectancy, as well as reviews of major significant conferences and forums on disease prevention and longevity issues.

And I Elina Manzhalii, the host of the channel, gladly and sincerely invite you to watch our content!

Elina Manzhalii is the CEO Global Longevity Institute. Doctor Elina Manzhalii is a PhD in Medical Sciencies, a doctor of higher category, gastroenterologist, rejuvenation expert; President of the Ukrainian Liver Foundation (ULF), a member of European and American Associations for the Study of Liver Diseases.

Mrs. Manzhalii is the author and the co-author of more than 110 scientific publications and 3 patents. She is the recipient of several prizes and awards. She is the founder direction - Longevity Liver.

She has developed a new project to increase life expectancy, which includes a decentralized ecosystem that creates a complete set of living conditions for longevity using all the latest developments in world science.

Elina Manzhalii is the host of Global Longevity TV.